Where to start?

I realised I needed a ‘first post’. Despite everything else I have in draft, despite the ‘about me’ section, just diving into a random post feels a bit awkward without some kind of introduction or acknowledgement that we’re here.

It’s a bit like streaking through Sainsbury’s. Easy to encourage your best friend to do, but a completely different kettle of fish for yourself. And once you’re there, how do you go about it? Exit the car completely starkers, or strip off in the chilled meats section?

Why (you are probably wondering) are we here?

Well, I’m here to talk about what I’m reading with my kids, about my writing journey and whatever else might crop up. There will be a certain amount of sucking and seeing as I get into the swing of things.

But as I said, it’s difficult to know where to start sometimes. So here I am, stood awkwardly in my overcoat, ready to (metaphorically of course!!) bare my all to the world…

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