Beware of the Bears!


My five year old boy, Jason isn’t too fussed about great works of literature as yet.

Tony (my husband) is determined to plough through all of the original ‘Thomas’ stories with him (my personal favourite is the one where Henry doesn’t want to get wet and refuses to come out of the tunnel), but generally the little fella is happiest with constant repeats of ‘Octonauts’ stories.

There are however a few favourites, and ‘Beware of the Bears’ by Alan MacDonald and Gwyneth Williamson, is one.

It’s a marvellous take on what happens after the bears come home and discover the mess Goldilocks has made of their house.
Highly indignant, Daddy Bear sends Baby Bear to follow her home and they decide it’s time to pay her a visit and see how she likes it!
I laughed my socks off the first time we read this. I’ve often had issues with Goldilocks, who somehow managed to get portrayed as a heroine after illegal entry, trashing somebody’s house and then getting away with it. So watching the bears turn vengeance into an art form as they set about showing her how to do the job properly, is priceless.
I think the tide has turned on Goldie though, more people are seeing her in her true colours these days (Roald Dahl wrote a particularly biting poem on her).

Sadly this book seems to be out of print, but I got hold of it second hand on amazon and there’s always your local library. If you can find it – I fully recommend it.

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