Coming out of the writing closet

I am very chuffed to announce that my story ‘Room-mates’ has been shortlisted on the Mashstories website.

In this free quarterly flash fiction competition you are given three words (in this case, blow-dryer, cockpit and honesty) to work into a story of 500 words or under. They also give you feedback, which is invaluable.

The shortlisted stories are posted on the website and the public then have the opportunity to vote on them. (Ah-ha, so that’s where we’re going!) Yes, you can read my story here and if you like it please click on the ‘kudos’ button to register your vote. (Or you may prefer someone else’s story – that’s entirely your choice, just don’t tell me about it!)

Of course the winner isn’t just the writer with the most friends, but the international team of judges take the public vote into account as part of their process.

Part of the process for me has meant telling family and friends – hence the title of this post. Suddenly my mumbled replies and subject changes when asked what I’ve been up to start to make sense, and people realise that I haven’t been sitting on my backside watching daytime TV after all (no guys, that was just research).

Last year was my year for beginning to network with other writers, perhaps this year is my year for coming out of the writing closet.

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2 Responses to Coming out of the writing closet

  1. Juneta says:

    Congratulations Angie, Wahoo!!! Dance the happy dance for you. Hugs.


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