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This month I want to help spread a warm glow of reassurance out there for anyone who may feel tempted into locking down their muse in despair.

Writing can be lonely. You spend an awful lot of your time shut in a room by yourself with all that stuff that’s spilling out of your head onto the page.
Personally I don’t have a problem with that, but you can find yourself going a little loopy at times. After all – all your characters are different voices inside your head, and some of them can start to question whether what you’ve written is any good.

Which is why it’s important to get out there and find a support network.

These things take time, like any relationship, you rub along and try a few things and hook up with people here and there, and you may not even realise it until something happens and those people come out of the woodwork to show their support.

And that’s awesome.

My last post told you about how I’ve been shortlisted in a flash fiction competition. Well, if it weren’t for the feedback and support from my writer buddies at Exeter Writers and Holly Lisle’s Think Sideways Bootcamp, that piece wouldn’t have made the grade. And it’s the support and lovely comments since then that have given me a warm fuzzy glow inside that reinforces how lucky I am to be doing what I love with the best colleagues and support network I could ask for.

So get out there people – go help all those poor lonely writers!

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10 Responses to Warm fuzzies

  1. Kirsten says:

    It was such a happy surprise to see how supportive and encouraging the writing community was! Like you say, most of the time we work alone, and maybe that’s why we realize how important it is to be kind and helpful when we do encounter others who write. 🙂
    Congrats again on your MASH story!


  2. Juneta says:

    Congrats! on the Mash Story, so proud of you. Cheering. My experience with the writing community has pretty great and supportive too. Throwing you some more warm fuzzies and hugs too.


  3. Sarah Foster says:

    It’s great that you’ve gotten a lot of feedback and support to help you with your writing. Sometimes we think we can figure it out on our own, but it really is hard to see everything that needs to be fixed.

    February IWSG Co-host


  4. I LOVE supporters. They are truly amazing. In fact, I got a surprise yesterday when two writing buddies let me know they’d reviewed my first novel. Let me tell you, nothing gets the heart pounding like that, but they were 100% behind the story, and nothing feels better. I’ve leaned on so many wonderful writing friends through the years that I don’t know what I’d do without them. It’s an amazing community.

    Congrats on being short listed! That’s epic news.


  5. Mary Pax says:

    Support is a definite key ingredient in this profession. Cultivate those relationships! I have support online and off and it keeps me going. Important when the doldrums strike. Congrats on your story! That’s awesome.


  6. Chrys Fey says:

    Finding support is imperative for writers. Before I joined the blogging world, I had no support. Well, other than the support of my mom. Everyone else thought I was crazy, and hiding from life with my writing. So when I started blogging and found like-minded people, I found my home. 🙂 Now I have people I can talk to and ask for help when I need it, which I never had before.

    Congratulations on your story!


  7. Shortlisted? Congrats!!! Having a network of support is so important as a writer. Seriously. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I’ve been lucky enough to meet many awesome authors through my blog. I don’t know what I’d do without them!


  8. dolorah says:

    Hope you make the final cut.

    I doubt my short stories would have been published without the help of my writers group. They were amazing.


  9. DonnaMcDine says:

    Sound advice! Finding a support group is essential to keeping ourselves amongst real live people, not that our characters aren’t living and breathing creatures!


  10. Juneta says:

    Hey, I have an award for you at my blog!
    My post


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