I’ve been nominated for the Leibster award

Fellow writer, Juneta Key, has nominated me for the Leibster award.



What is the Leibster award? good question. I had to google it, but the rules below should give you the general idea:



So, here are my answers to Juneta’s questions;

1. Who is your favourite author?
Me of course! Barring that, I think it would have to be a tie between Anne McCaffrey and Barbara Hambly.
2. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
a) For cake not to be fattening (especially Battenburg).
b) To be able to give sassy, witty answers when I need them, not 3 hours later.
c) I’m saving that one for an emergency.
3. If you were given a free round trip to anywhere, where would you go?
Magnetic Island, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. There are so many places to choose from, but we spent an afternoon there in 2003 and it wasn’t long enough.
4. Would you rather live near the ocean, forest, mountains or the 4th option?
I don’t think I could cope without trees around.
5. What is your favourite genre of music?
Although I like to think of myself as having quite a varied taste, my heart will always be with the indie-goth rock of my teenage years.
6. Plane, train, boat, car or other vacation travel?
I love boats but get seasick. I love the possibilities of train journeys (ask me to think of a story on a train – I bet I could think of a dozen!) but some of my best holidays have been road trips, so car it is.
7. Where is your favourite place to escape from the daily grind?
In the pages of a book.
8. What is your best memory?
Each time I try to pick a ‘best’, all the others start clamouring for attention, so to avoid upsetting anyone I’m going to tell you about this other memory that’s been asking to be told;
When I was a kid we kept chickens and my job was to collect the eggs. In those days we didn’t have carrier bags, instead we’d use the bags the bread came in. So there I was, swinging my loot in a polythene sack with ‘Mother’s Pride’ emblazoned down the side.
Once I’d completed my task, I’d climb up onto the roof of the little stone huts the chickens lived in to peer over the fence at them. On that day I was a bit gung-ho and the bag with it’s cargo smushed against the side of the hut. Knowing I was in trouble I tried to cover up the evidence of my crime by feeding it to the chickens.
Now I wonder if I inadvertently turned them into cannibals..?

9.Do you have a hobbit? if not, what would you like to do for a hobby? ROFL @ SELF okay this error was too good to correct—go ahead tell me who is your favorite hobbit?
Yes, I do. He’s nearly 6 and likes ‘second breakfast’.
10. What is the most memorable book you have read?
It’s so difficult to pinpoint, but Anne McCaffrey’s early works clearly demonstrate how to take something you are passionate about and to use it to enrich your stories.
11. Would you travel around the world in 80 days if you could?
Yes! What an adventure!

Here are my random facts;
1. I have a rare form of colourblindness called Tritanopeia.
2. When my little girl was 3 she had an invisible fairy friend called ‘Kumitanda’, that’s why I chose that as my online bootcamp forum name.
3. I went to the Leicester square premiere of ‘Moulin Rouge’ for my 30th birthday.
4. Whilst on the red carpet at said premiere I was rudely thrust aside by a paparazzi trying to get a photo of Kylie (who I hadn’t noticed as she’s so tiny).
5. I am 6 feet tall.
6. I have a brown belt in karate.
7. I got married in New Orleans (we eloped!) two months before Hurricane Katrina hit.
8. When I was a kid we had two geese called Girt and Daisy (we ate them for Christmas dinner).
9. I am very fond of Battenburg cake.
10. My favourite colour is blue, but due to my weird colour vision it’s entirely possible that what I think is blue may actually be pink! This messes with my head a bit.
11. I wish I were a better gardener. Oh drat – there goes that 3rd wish! oops!

I’m going to pass the baton to;

1. Cathie Hartigan.
2. Jo Cole.
3. Henrietta Job.
4. Sally Driscoll.
5. Quanie Miller.
6. Patsy Collins.
7. Donna McDine.
8. Steph (Rebelblue).
(I know it’s not 11, but it’s a nice halfway(ish) number).

And my questions for you are;
1. Are you a planner or a pantzer?
2. Which two writers would you invite for tea?
3. Where did you go on your last holiday?
4. What books do you remember learning to read with?
5. What is your favourite genre of music?
6. Name two favourite movies.
7. What was the name of your first pet? (If you didn’t have one, what would you have called it?)
8.What’s your favourite type of biscuit? (That’s cookies to anyone across the pond).
9. Which fairy tale character would you rather be?
10. Can you remember anything about your first day at school?
11. “There was a young lady from Spain, who…” what happens next? could be a limerick, could be something else, your choice?

Thank you for bearing with me through this lengthy post. Feel free to answer my questions even if you weren’t nominated, I’m interested in hearing ’em 🙂

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4 Responses to I’ve been nominated for the Leibster award

  1. Juneta says:

    Loved your answer, loved the facts, the memory was great, funny, entertaining and a most reasonable question, ROFL. I have never had Battenburg cake. That is something I will have to try. I love New Orleans, but like you have not been back since Hurricane Katrina. My favorite was fact #2 and answer #9–I like 2nd breakfast too. Thanks for playing. Enjoyed the post.


  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for nominating me! I love your first two wishes (especially the witty comeback one). I visited New Orleans quite often before Katrina so it’s likely that we may have crossed paths! And I also loved reading about your best memory. It sounds like a short story waiting to happen:)


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