Here’s looking at you kid


I’ve just discovered that my 9 year old has been checking out my blog!!

There was a certain amount of freedom in what to write when I first began this, as I figured there was a good chance no-one would ever read it. Now I have to be careful of negative influences and bad language!

So, this one’s for you Frankie – here’s a pic of how Matilda spends most of her days while you’re at school…


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2 Responses to Here’s looking at you kid

  1. Ha! I have a six month old. Is this what I have to look forward to??? Too funny! And that cat is all kinds of adorbs (love that box, too).


    • Angela says:

      The cat, at least, knows her place 😉
      With all that Southern Sass you were talking about recently, I guess you’ve got all sorts of interesting to look forward to!


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