Fiction blog hop coming soon!


bloghopYes, that’s right! I’ve signed up to take part in a fiction blog hop with some writer buddies from Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways Writer’s Bootcamp.

The stories are to be flash to short ‘Speculative Fiction’ (after all it is a blog post, not the place to wade through literary epics!).
And that’s where I’ve hit my first hurdle already; when I realised that although my novels may come under the ‘speculative’ umbrella, most of my short stories don’t (apart from one, but I decided that one had too many British based jokes for an international audience), so I’m writing something new as we speak. (Fingers crossed that it’ll be halfway decent by August). Actually I had a second idea this morning (in the shower, as usual), so hopefully one of them’ll be up to snuff.

Don’t forget to drop by on the 26th August to see what everyone comes up with.

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