IWSG October, let’s look on the bright side!

Today is the first Wednesday of the month, when the

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The awesome co-hosts for this month are; TB Markinson, Tamara Narayan, Shannon Lawrence, Stephanie Faris, and Eva E. Solar!

So it turns out I’m a published author, and you probably are too!

What am I on about? Ok, let me backtrack.

Just over a month ago I took part in a fiction blog hop. It was a blast, I was really pleased with the story I contributed and I got some great feedback for it.

Then I saw a competition which was a perfect fit for it. I’d need to increase the wordcount but I was planning to do that anyway as I have plans for it, but a placing in a competition would just add that extra something.
I took it down from my blog but before I started anything I queried the section in the rules that said ‘must not have been previously published’.
Yeah, that rule. Most competitions have that or some variation on it, and yes, it stops regurgitation of the same stories winning prizes or being published in magazines, but…

Nowadays there’s a big grey area around internet publishing. Let’s face it, there’s a world of difference between Alfie Dog, or Writing Magazine, or the Bridport Prize and my little blog with its readership of… er… 3! (Ok, that day of the blog hop I crashed into double figures, but hey!)

Anyway, long story short. Competition organisers have to draw a line somewhere and in the big murky grey web perhaps it’s easier to stick with black and white.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not whingeing here. I’m celebrating, yeah baby! Let’s look at some positives here:

  • I did not spend out needlessly on competition fees!
  • I’m putting my story back on my blog where people can read and enjoy it.
  • I’m working on another, related story – for a different competition, that, win or lose, will count towards a collection of linked stories that I plan to self-publish.
  • According to those competition rules, I can call myself a published author 😉

You probably can too!

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11 Responses to IWSG October, let’s look on the bright side!

  1. Zan Marie says:

    You made me smile. 😀 There’s something to be said for competitions, though I usually do the judged by published author ones that are through writing groups instead of blog hops. The feedback I’ve gotten has been invaluable!


  2. My publisher warned me years ago that anything I placed on my blog was considered published. So outside of very short excerpts of my books after their release, I don’t post anything.
    Glad you checked and didn’t lose money.


  3. Juneta says:

    That was a great story. Glad to hear there will be more in that world. Excellent post with great points.

    I can call myself published, I have 3 poems published through competitions in anthologies. I have a non fiction article in IWSG Guide to Publishing anthology and 3 short stories self published on my blog so far… And I have submitted worked and had it rejected in the last 2 years twice. LOL. I could have done so much more if were not for my own state of mind and life stuff–that’s on me, me bad.



  4. Yeah, that rule. Some people are okay with blog publishing. Truthfully though, it’s best just to write something new and challenge ourselves, eh? At least that’s what I tell myself. Otherwise I would keep circulating the same 3 short stories.


  5. Anna says:

    Yes I found this out the hard way as well. I’m glad you see a positive side to it all. 🙂

    Anna from Elements of Writing


  6. Mandy says:

    Aww! I hate that rule. Blogs really don’t feel like being published … or at least not in the way most people would like to be published. Hopefully your new story will be better than the one you were going to use…


  7. Ha! Way to look at the positive. I have two flash fiction stories I’d love to get published, but are considered reprints because they were posted on my blog first. I’ve stopped posting flash on my blog for that reason unless I just can’t help but join in a certain hop.


  8. Good for you, Angela, taking a negative and turning it around to a positive…



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