Fab news!!!

fireworksI had a fantastic week last week.

I had a short story accepted by The People’s Friend Magazine.

I have no idea as yet when it’ll actually get published but please join me in celebrating my first paid stint as an author!

(Hurray! 🙂 )


To add to my already brimming cup I had another story shortlisted in Writing Magazine. Yep, that’s me right at the bottom – and please note that names are in alphabetical order, so I’m not last – just easier to spot 😉

Despite my name being in print here, the story isn’t, so I’m now browsing Fantasy short story mags to see who might be interested in this. It’s another Skye & Poggitt story, so if anyone’s interested, you know where to contact me!

Topping all that off, I’m at a really good place in my novel too. I’m about to do a last run through, looking at chapter breaks and transitions before finally typing up a good clean edited copy… Then I’ll have to show it to someone 😮 !

How about you? Does anyone else have any news to share?


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5 Responses to Fab news!!!

  1. Juneta says:

    How wonderful, You Go!! Proud of you. Did you use Writer’s Market to find mags to submit your stories to? I’d be interested to know your strategy and approach.


  2. Congratulations!!! I’ve been thinking of writing some short stories lately, but I’ve been so busy with Le Novel that I haven’t gotten around to it. But what exciting news for you!!!


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