In which I meet a childhood hero and put my professional knowledge to use

It’s ages since my last post and I missed the IWSG posting for April. I’ve realised that Easter is a busy time for me. I looked back over last year’s blog posts and found a similar gap then too.

Me & K9

I made things a bit more awkward for myself this year though. On top of the Easter holidays and my son’s birthday (which to his delight included a trip to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff. Where my top moment was seeing K9!) I decided that I was in a position with my novel where I could enter it for the Bath Novel Award.

Two weeks before the deadline.


Maybe I’m one of those people who need a deadline to pull their finger out.

I’ve checked out Twitter since the closing date, and traced some of the other contenders from the comments and ‘likes’ . (Stalking in the nicest possible way!) This has given me a healthy lowering of my expectations, so I can relax now 😉

Regardless of the outcome, I’ve found it to be a positive experience. It forced me to put my first two chapters in front of people. I think I’d still be faffing around with final tweaks if it weren’t for that.

It also made me write a synopsis. I mistakenly thought I could rustle one up in a couple of days but it actually took five versions and a couple of feedback sessions. Even then I don’t really know if what I submitted will meet the judges approval. But it did give me an epiphany moment where I used my professional knowledge for the structure.

You see, in IT projects, you can use various methodologies to keep your projects on track. One very simple one is called the ‘V’ Model, where each step in the first half of the project is tracked back against in the second half.V Model I decided to use this to make sure that for every point I mentioned in the synopsis, I also showed its resolution.

Have you had moments where you’ve applied your knowledge in different, interesting ways?

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1 Response to In which I meet a childhood hero and put my professional knowledge to use

  1. Juneta says:

    That is really cool. I am sure I have used my knowledge but can’t think of a moment right now. Congratulations for submitting, taking the plunge and getting it done.
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit


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