A-Z of Fictional Characters: E is for Elezaar

wolfbladeElezaar from Wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon.

A while back I mentioned that I rated two books with killer hooks in the first scene.
This is the other one.

It begins with Elezaar hiding, terrified of discovery as he has to watch his brother being murdered.

Elezaar is a dwarf and a slave, with only his wits to depend on in a world where he has no rights and is the sole survivor of the massacre of his household.

To survive, he has to find a new owner (and thereby protector) fast. He talks his way into the position of slave to Marla Wolfblade and this changes the survival odds for both of them.

Marla is a young girl who just wants to dream of love and marriage, but Marla is the sister to Hythria’s ruling prince, and has been chosen to continue the royal line.

Elezaar must manipulate Marla into making the decisions that work best for him, and as his brother’s killers veer between being enemies and allies to Marla, so he must tread carefully as he guides her to become a diplomat and tactician to be reckoned with.

Jennifer Fallon’s Wolfblade trilogy is a prequel to her Demon Child trilogy. Focusing on the Wolfblade family and the events that mould Damon Wolfblade (Marla’s son) into the character he becomes.
I term this as ‘political fantasy’; less magic but lots of twists, plots and shenanigans. If you like Games of Thrones, you should love this. (It has closure ;))

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  1. emaginette says:

    I do like how the beginning sounds… šŸ™‚

    Anna from elements of emaginette


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