#IWSG September: How do you find the time?

It’s the first Wednesday of the month again when

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This month’s question comes at a very appropriate time for me.

Today (which is yesterday for you), is the last day of the summer holidays. The kids are watching Paddington, while I’m supposed to be ironing school uniforms. But, damn – Paddington’s too good a film.

(And how am I writing this whilst not ironing and sneakily watching TV? Well heck, we’re writers aren’t we? Use your imagination!)

I’ve shifted to the kitchen table while the kids have been home. This has actually worked better than trying to shut myself away. Yes, it makes me interruptable, but I can write in the cracks in between. I’ve got more done than if I’d been waiting for the opportunity to slope off.

Having said that, I am looking forward to tomorrow, (that’s today, for you), when I can spend the whole day writing and don’t have to speak to anyone 🙂img_2326

I still need to get the washing done mind you. As usual, September in Devon means goodbye sunshine, but this year it hasn’t turned the heat down to match. I wouldn’t complain, but my towels are still trying to dry for the third day running 😦

(Somebody still found a way to benefit from it though):

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18 Responses to #IWSG September: How do you find the time?

  1. There’s nothing that cats love more than a pile of warm laundry fresh from the dryer – a perfect place for a nap 🙂 I’m always impressed by people who juggle writing and a busy family life. Sounds like writing at the kitchen table is proving to be a good approach.


  2. Angeline says:

    Since having my second child 5 months ago, I had to relocate my laptop to the dining table, and it hasn’t been as horrendous as I imagined.
    I’m a born and bred Devonian, I’ve only been living outside of the county for 2 years, and I dream of when I can move back. Every year, my Mum sends me a Devon calendar to keep me feeling homesick so that I’ll return!


  3. Liesbet says:

    Aaaah, how kids love the holidays and how parents are (partly) happy when they are over. 🙂 Enjoy a very productive September (or is it August where you are? Just kidding!).


  4. emaginette says:

    I like your attitude. Have a great day writing. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette


  5. Juneta says:

    Great post. I wrote more when I was working and less time I think then I do having more time to get it done. I lack focus, am easily distracted or lead astray by tangent.
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit


  6. authorcrystalcollier says:

    I actually have a laptop with remote access so I can be anywhere in the house and log into my computer and work. It’s awesome for while the kids are home.


  7. Cute kitty pic! You’re lucky you’re able to work among the chaos of things at the kitchen table. I think that’s a great habit b/c you can write anywhere and get small amounts done, vs those who need to be away and can’t do so often enough.

    Here’s my September IWSG post – my secret tool for finding writing time


  8. Michelle A says:

    Your kitty is so cute! I like writing on the dining table when nobody is home. Means I’m closer to the kitchen 🙂


  9. Looks like kitty’s discovered a comfy spot….
    Writing in those ‘in between cracks’ can be highly productive!
    Happy IWSG Day! 🙂


  10. Yes, writing between the interruptions is a way to keep moving forward.


  11. elsieamata says:

    I like to switch up where I write too. I find that I get bored staring out the same window for too long if I don’t. Plus, it doesn’t really matter what room I’m in, people always seem to find me. 😉

    co-host IWSG


  12. I hope you got a lot of writing done today!


  13. Lee says:

    This is so like my Hemingway! I will say, I do not mind doing laundry if it means time to write without having to talk to other people. I am much more a “cat person” than a “people person.”


  14. Ironing school uniforms? Now, why did I think of those things as a wash and wear? Mom of the year award for you.
    Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I mentioned a T.V. show and someone asked–in awe–where I found the time for television.


  15. I can never lock myself away either. They just hunt me down.


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