A-Z of fictional characters: I is for Incy

I couldn’t think of an ‘I’, so I opted for Incy Wincy Spider.

She (or he, depending on your point of view) is, after all, the classic hero(ine).

She sets off on a journey.

Disaster occurs, and despite all her struggles she is swept back to where she began. (You could argue that this is the Thomas Hardy approach of using natural disaster rather than a specific antagonist, but I think that’s acceptable in such a classic tale).

Then, when all seems lost, when life must really suck, when someone up there is taking the piss and chucking it all down the same drainpipe at her – does she give up?

No. She straps on her superhero exoskeleton, grabs her brolly, pulls up her socks (all eight of them), and tries again.

Yay! Go Incy! An example to us all!

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2 Responses to A-Z of fictional characters: I is for Incy

  1. The sign of a true hero is one that never gives up, eh?


  2. It is interesting to see spiders as heroic, usually they make people scream. I like the fact that they eat other annoying bugs for us, but a school friend of my daughter unloaded a horrifying statistic on her impressionable mind: On average, a person will eat four spiders a year in their sleep. Sweet dreams, everyone!


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