A-Z of Fictional Characters: J is for Jobber

I could easily have gone with Jane Ayre for ‘J’, but that would have been the easy option.

Instead, I’d like to introduce you to Jobber, the heroine of New Moon, the first book in Midori Snyder’s Queens’ Quarter trilogy.

Now, *(small) Spoiler Alert!* back in the day when I first read this, any novel where the heroine was disguised as a boy was a shoo-in. I didn’t even realise when I first started reading this, so when the revelation occurred it was like being suddenly ramped up to warp 9.

(I seem to recall a start trek joke about this, but when I tried to google it, the results were too geeky even for me!)

So, Jobber. Whoa.

She’s gruff. She has no finesse, she’s not pretty. She’s an unkempt, argumentative ragamuffin, and she’s the only fire elemental (apart from the mad queen) left in a world where anyone possessing elemental magic buries it deep if they want to survive.

But everything is out of balance. The queen is paranoid and likely insane. There are rebel factions gathering in the hills, while in the city the street children hide from the authorities and steal to stay alive. But someone is murdering the children with magic, people are desperate and Jobber is the catalyst…

Obviously one of my favourites, Jobber was an influence. A refreshing change and an excellent example of someone with faults, who screws up, invariably says the wrong thing and yet you can’t help but love her.

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1 Response to A-Z of Fictional Characters: J is for Jobber

  1. emaginette says:

    And when I think, J, I think Jaws–the movie and the character. Still hate swimming in really deep water even though great whites don’t like coming to my side of the world. hehehe

    Anna from elements of emaginette


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