A-Z of fictional characters: N is for Norah

Bride of the Rat God by Barbara Hambly has a similar vibe to Blood Heritage (A-Z of fictional characters: M is for Mahlia); with ancient demons and a trio of oriental demon-hunting dogs, as well as the ambience the writing provides.

But Norah is a different character to Mahlia. She’s someone who has hit rock bottom, stared all that bleakness in the face and been given a second chance by an unlikely fairy-godmother in the shape of her sister-in-law, a glamorous Hollywood actress of the silver screen era who just happens to have been targeted by an ancient oriental demon.

Norah is a quiet, unassuming character with hidden depths and her calm practicality in the face of danger is one of the things I admire about her. Hambly draws great characters (probably why she tends to feature in so many of my recommendations). They’re far from perfect, make human (rather than irritating) mistakes, and are memorable.

It’s also a fascinating tour through the Hollywood of the silent movie era; of life on the film sets and behind the scenes after the clapperboard has snapped down. From the mansions of Beverley Hills to the tenements of Chinatown, Barbara Hambly takes you on a journey that stays in your mind for a long time afterwards.

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