Why Blog?

Life is an adventure.
For some of us, every breath from the moment we exit the womb is a step into the unknown. Will it be the last? Will it hurt? What are the consequences if we continue to breathe?
For some, it’s just opening the front door and walking down the street. The racing pulse, the laboured breaths, eyes forward, fixed firmly on the ground, hoping no-one will notice us.
The school run, the train trip, facing down your boss. All these things are small adventures.
This blog is mine.

Writing a blog is something I had to work myself around to.
After all, blogs are something that established authors have to let their fans know what they’re up to; “Hello, still writing the next epic. Wrote a few thousand words before breakfast, now off to walk the dog…”
Otherwise isn’t it just day-to-day drivel? Don’t people need an indication they’ll get some kind of payback from sticking with you?
Well, anyway, I came around to the idea. A blog is, among other things, a contact point, somewhere for people to find you, to decide if they like you enough to stick around. So this is my CV and my love-letter to anyone who reads.
Because it was as a reader that I fell in love with books as a child, that introduced me to other worlds, taught me so many quirky bits of information (that stick in my head far better than the contents of all those history lessons), and it’s reading that made me want to write from such a young age.
I have so many stories to tell. Do you have the time to listen to them?

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