A-Z of Fictional Characters: O is for Olwyn

I’ve had a block on this blogging thread as I couldn’t think of a character starting with ‘O’.

(Ok, so there’s Othello and Ophelia, but I didn’t fancy writing about them. In fact now that I’ve written this I’m sure hundreds of ‘O’s will now spring to mind, but that’s veering us away from my point).

I got so fed up of trying to think of one that I made up my own.

(I like this idea – maybe I should do an A-Z of my own characters next… but I’m veering off topic again).

So. Meet Olwyn. She’s a witch.

Available for pre-order now

It coincided with my requirement to write a flash story for an anthology my writing group is bringing out on National Flash Fiction Day (June 6th). Originally she was pregnant and had cravings for spinach, but that turned out to just be a starter to get me into the story. She’s still a witch, I definitely wanted her to be a witch – I was determined that our anthology should have a little fantasy or witchiness in it. What I hadn’t accounted for was that it would turn into a love story, and there may be a tiny nod to the movie, Bell, Book and Candle (although only a very tiny one – it is flash fiction after all).

So, if you’d like to meet Olwyn, (and lots of other characters – I have 3 stories in the anthology, and there are lots of other fab stories by my fellow writers who are all marvellous), check out Flashlight. It’s only 99p on Amazon, and will be out of June 6th, which is National Flash Fiction day.

(And of course one of the beauties of flash fiction stories is that they’re all very short, so you don’t have to invest too much time in reading them. They’re perfect for on the bus, in the bath, with a cup of tea or just to send you off into your dreams at night…)



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1 Response to A-Z of Fictional Characters: O is for Olwyn

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Nice work – will have to check out that anthology.

    Thanks for sharing.


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