How to Revise Your Novel

Now that NaNo is over are you wondering what to do with the behemoth you created?

Don’t worry – help is at hand! Holly Lisle’s ‘How to Revise Your Novel’ course is open for registration from Tuesday 8th December.


Registration is only open for 1 week and closes on Monday 14th December. The course will then be unavailable for the rest of the year.

I’ve been taking this course for the last year, I’m just over three quarters of the way through it. It’s incredibly useful, well structured and works you through the process bit by bit as Holly uses all the experience of her 30-odd years (and about as many novels) in the business. The forums are full of helpful friendly writers who are all in the same boat (including me!). I’ve met some great friends in there, everyone is very supportive and can help with their own experiences when you get stuck.

The benefit of registration being limited to once a year is that you sign up with lots of other writers all at the same time. You can work through the lessons together and build a support network as you go along.

It is all at your own pace though. So you never have to worry about missing a class. And remember, you get out what you put in; it can be hard work, but it’s worth it.

Disclaimer here; If you use my link I may receive an affiliate payment.
I’d recommend Holly anyway, but if you’ve never taken her classes you may hesitate.

This is why Holly is offering three free workshop modules to give you taste of what the course is like. The link is HERE.

The first two workshops are currently available. The third should be available later today.

I suggest, try the workshops, they’re free and they’ll give you a feel for how Holly works and it might just make the difference between that novel of yours gathering dust on the shelf or becoming something beautiful.

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1 Response to How to Revise Your Novel

  1. Very cool. If people’s NaNo projects are anything like mine was way back in the day, they just need to scrap it and start again from word one.


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