Exeter Writers Short Story Competition 2018

I’ve been a member of Exeter Writers for a few years now, and one of the things we do each year is run our international short story competition.

We receive entries from all over the world, and there’s no restriction on theme or genre (other than that we don’t accept children’s stories).

The entry fee is £6, which goes straight towards the prizes, and they’re good prizes;

1st prize – £500, 2nd prize – £250, 3rd prize – £100

And if you’re lucky enough to live in Devon, there’s a special prize of £100 for the best entry from a Devon writer.

We have over 20 members in our group and nearly everyone gets involved in the judging process, and even though we have varied tastes, we all enjoy a good, well written story.

Visit the website for further details and to see examples of the stories that have won in the past and then get your entry in for this year before the closing date of 28th February!


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4 Responses to Exeter Writers Short Story Competition 2018

  1. It’s fun to be a judge, isn’t it?


  2. emaginette says:

    Wow! Sounds like a great contest. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette


  3. Crystal Collier says:

    It’s been a long times since I entered a competition, other than who can fall asleep the fastest after the baby goes out. =) Sounds like a blast.


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