Storytime Blog Hop – Jan 2018


It’s time for another storytime blog hop!

Founded by students of Holly Lisle in 2015 (I’m a founder member!) This is a quarterly hop to share short pieces of speculative fiction.

I don’t have a story in the hop this time, but check out all these other cool stories;

  1. Monstrous Monday by Fanni Soto
  2. Grandma’s Legacy by Elizabeth McCleary
  3. Dragonslayer by Barbara Lund
  4. Megan’s Virus by Karen Lynn
  5. Studenting by Chris Makowski
  6. I, The Magician by Raven O’Fiernan
  7. Growth Spurt by Bill Bush
  8. Mystical Manatee Park by J. Q. Rose
  9. Phased Out by Kami Bataya
  10. Snow White (17) MURDERED by K. M. Flint
  11. A Character Profile by Juneta Key

Don’t forget to let people know if you enjoyed their story!

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