A-Z of Fictional Characters: C is for Cadence

IMG_1438Cadence Drake: Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood by Holly Lisle.

It took me a while to realise who my ‘C’ character was going to be; Cassie Taylor from Margaret James’ The Penny Bangle? or Charles De Lint’s, Crow Girls?
All worthy contenders, until it hit me.

You see, Cadence Drake is the main character from one of the only two books that stick in my mind as having killer hooks in their opening paragraphs. (Watch out for ‘E’ for the other one).

Cady is a ‘professional finder of lost things’. She and her partner, Badger, have just taken a job to find a missing spaceship, the Corrigan’s Blood. But when we first meet her, she’s trapped inside a space locker with a decomposing corpse.

This is a classic space adventure with unexpected twists. Cady is not your average heroine. Think classic PI with a high tech, space age twist and you’re on the right track. She’s a spiky, abrasive, wise-cracking magnet for trouble. And her quest is taking her to the one place in the universe she really doesn’t want to go – home.

Holly Lisle wrote this book nearly twenty years ago and has only recently had the opportunity to revisit the universe and create a sequel. Her love of this character is something that shines through unmistakably, and is probably part of what adds to Cady’s appeal.

Do you have a favourite novel with a killer hook? What is it? It’d be great to compile a list here.

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  1. Juneta says:

    What a cool idea! I would have to give it some thought. Great post. I shared to FB and Twitter.


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